Design resources for Yavia carrier board

Is there a schematics resource for the Yavia carrier-board, was looking here.

Yavia | Toradex Developer Center. Or I’m I just looking at the wrong place perhaps?

Hello @klangro ,
I will send them to you via email. But we recommend to have a look at the Mallow design, since it is meant to be used in a final product, while the Yavia is a development board, designed by a partner.

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Hello, I am also looking for the Altium files for the Yavia board (schematic and layout). Were they ever posted to the developer site? I cannot seem to find them.

Hello @robert.flex,

The Altium files for the Yavia board are not publicly available. Therefore you will not find them on our website. The Yavia carrier board does not use an official Toradex reference design and was designed with some component selection compromises made for better availability. Also, I hope you are already aware that Yavia is an evaluation/development board - not intended to be used in production. That being said, I can share the Altium files via email with you. Let us know if you have more questions.

If it can be shared via email can you please do so?