Description of the big picture?

Several weeks ago I received an email that included a reference to Verdin. I had not heard of Toradex until that time, so I was intrigued. I’m trying to develop a picture of the business and technical model.

Is there a document or webinar or video of the problem Toradex is trying to solve? I have some basics, but maybe there is something I could read that would give my an overview of where Toradex fits in marketspace? Everything I have read and seen is at the technical level, I need something at the marketing level :slight_smile:

Hey @Charles_Gilley,

I would recommend poking around our main website for general marketing information.

We focus on off the shelf embedded hardware and software. So if you are developing a product that needs an embedded SoM, we would be a potential solution. Would you like one of our sales team members to reach out to you to see if we would be a fit for your specific application? Or feel free to ask questions here.


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I’ve poked around for the last few weeks, reading different articles, watching videos. What I am trying to understand is the problem set you are trying to solve. Why, as a systems developer would I use your product? A direct link to appropriate documentation would be welcome.

For example, you’ve standardized your offerings on the SODIMM interface. You also offer motherboards to aid with development. Does that mean I need to develop my own motherboard if I want something more specialized? What problem are you trying to solve?

I suspect I need a 5000 meter perspective :slight_smile:

Yes, the recommended approach for utilizing our modules is to design your own customized carrier board that meets your specific requirements. Advantages of using Toradex Modules include:

Rapid Development

SoMs accelerate time-to-market because they come pre-integrated with a variety of hardware and software components. This eliminates the need to design these aspects from scratch, enabling rapid prototyping and development.


SoMs offer great flexibility in scaling your product. You can easily upgrade to a more powerful module or downgrade to a less powerful one without changing the mainboard, thus providing a cost-effective and future-proof solution.


Toradex guarantee a long-term availability for their modules, ensuring that you won’t have to redesign your product in case a particular component gets discontinued.

Reduced Complexity

By integrating CPU, memory, and I/O interfaces into a single module, SoMs simplify board design complexity. This makes it easier for developers to focus on their specific application needs rather than worrying about hardware intricacies.

Lower Risk

SoMs reduce the risk associated with hardware development, such as incorrect component integration or compatibility issues. They are well-documented and supported by Toradex which can be especially beneficial for companies with limited hardware expertise.


Though the initial cost of a SoM can be higher than discrete components, they often lead to lower total costs when considering development time, debugging, and long-term maintenance.

Software Support

Toradex SoMs come with extensive software support, including optimized drivers, libraries, and operating system integrations, further speeding up the development process.

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Thanks Alex, I see the big picture now.