Deploying A TorizonCore Builder Custom image on Device using Torizon Platform

Hello everyone,

I want to deploy through offline updates a custom bas image built with TorizonCore Builder.
I’ve managed to build the correct directory with the “torizoncore-builder build” command and it creates a new directory called torizon-core-docker-verdin-imx8mp-Tezi_5.7.0.CUSTOM that include all the files all i need for my new base os image.
When I want to push this directory into Torizon Platform i get an error.
There should be some steps that i’m missing but I can’t find what.
Can you please tell me what are those steps ?



Hello @Muzzy ,

Which error do you get? Can you share some logs of your building process?

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This is my issue when I try to deploy it.
Concerning the building process, I firstly create a bundle

Then I run a build command.



The issue is in your push command. Your trying to push the “Tezi” file but that’s not what is suppose to be the input to this command. You’re suppose to supply the OSTree reference that corresponds to the package you want to push. The Tezi output is only for flashing your image with Toradex Easy Installer not for our update platform.

For example look at the output of your build command. In the Handling output section there is a line: Deploying commit ref: tcbuilder-20230921131826 This commit ref is what you supply to the push command. Every time you run the build command a new commit ref will be produced. In your tcbuild.yaml you can specify the commit ref name if you want it to be deterministic. For more information about this you can reference the article here: Signing and Pushing TorizonCore Packages to Torizon Platform Services | Toradex Developer Center

Also please note this only pushes things relating to the OS/filesystem. Your bundled containers are not a part of this package and need to be pushed separately as a docker-compose type package.

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