Default sudo password for torizon in base non-container environment

I am trying to determine what the default sudo password for Torizon when ssh into the base non-container Linux environment. e.g. ssh torizon@. I have a password set for the portainer and can work fine with the containers just not the underlying Linux environment. I am limited as to what I can do when I am in the underlying Linux OS due to non sudo privileges. I am pretty certain I did not set a password at this level. Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!

Greetings @RayO,

The default for TorizonCore is “User: torizon, Password: torizon”. It should be noted that on first login with these credentials you’ll be asked to set a new password for the torizon user. This is a security measure so you don’t just keep the default password.

Also as you’ve already noted this password is separate from the password you set for Portainer. So keep this in mind.

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Thanks for the response Jeremias, I am good with the log on, … it is performing a sudo operation as super user once I am in the Torizon Core, that is the password that I am looking for.

colibri-imx8x-07000071:~$ sudo cmd
password: ???

The sudo password is the same password for the user that is running the sudo command. So if you’re executing sudo as the torizon user, than it would be the password of the torizon user.

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got it, thanks!

Glad I could assist.