Debugging Cortex M4 application (in iMX7) on a host system


In the getting started guide of iMX7/colibri eval board, a hello-world and RPMsg application examples are provided for the Cortex-M4, where a firmware has to be built and sent to the Cortex M4 through u-boot.
However it’s not clear whether it is possible to debug a Cortex-M4 application online and directly from a host system, just like debugging a Cortex A9 application.
So is there any direct debugging way for Cortex-M4 using eclipse or other software?
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Hi @majd.m!

You can refer to this post about importing the FreeRTOS examples to Eclipse. You just have to use the correct linker script. You can use the Segger-provided script using a J-Link connected to JTAG to debug the applications through Eclipse.

Hi @gustavo.tx,

Could you please recommend me a J-Link model to use it on the M4 processor for both SoMs: iMX7 and iMX8QM. Is there a model that is tested on the boards of these SoMs?

Hi @majd.m!

I’ve had success using a J-Link BASE we have here in the office. I assume any J-Link model that supports Cortex-M cores should work.

Note that I’ve only tested this with the Colibri iMX7. I still haven’t tested the M4 capabilities on the new iMX8 SoMs.

Hi @gustavo.tx,
Thank you for your answers. Can I connect the cable which comes with the J-Link directly to the J-Tag port auf dem Colibri eval Board or do i need any adapter that are listed in the J-Link webpage?


You can connect the default 20-pin JTAG cable which comes with J-Link to the 20-pin JTAG connector on the Colibri Evaluation Board.

Dear @majd.m
We found that sometimes the JTAG connection through the spring-loaded contacts is not reliable enough. In such cases it helps to put some electrically isolated weight onto the module to fix connection issues.

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Is it possible to debug M4-core of VF61 which is installed on Viola board?
I mean debugging via UART.

Or maybe it is possible to make JTAG on Viola?

If yes, please could you explain how.

Hi @Volodymyr !

Proper M4 debugging is available only via JTAG.

Unfortunately the Viola Carrier Board does not feature a JTAG connector nor the JTAG pins. You may want to get an Aster Carrier Board or a Colibri Evaluation Board for that.