Debugging A7 and M4 of iMX7 simultaneously with VS and DS-5

Hi all,

I’m using the new CE image 1.1 and want to test m4 core and Rpmsg lib.
Loading the rpmsg_ping_pong_example.elf from USB to DDR works fine and I can debug on A7 with VS.
Also I can debug an application on M4 with DS-5 IDE.

Now I want to debug simultaneously on both sites.
e.g. that I can debug each sended and received message over Rpmsg on the respective site.

Is this possible?

I can’t find a option which specifies that the software is already loaded to memory.
A7 can load the software only from a builded file on USB or SD?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,


Dear @Kuzco

Simultaneous debugging should be possible: Please try the following process:

  • Instead of the rpmsg_ping_pong example, create a simple M4 application which does not interact with the A7 core or any hardware (a simple “loop forever” is fine).
  • To initialize the RpmsgLib on the A7, load this “loop forever” application. The RpMsgLib only loads the application into RAM and starts it.
  • Once this is running, load your real M4 application through DS-5

You should now be able to debug the M4 application with DS-5 and the A7 application through Visual Studio.
There’s no simple way to create one breakpoint which stops the A7 and M4 core at the same time. it would require JTAG debugging on the A7, too.

Regards, Andy