__debugbreak when USB device is connected in checked build

We are building the WEC2013 based on Toradex 1.1BSP for Colibri iMX6. I do a checked build and attach to the target, the OS starts up. When I connect a device to USB the Debugger stops at a __debugbreak line in HidTLCQueue::Validate. If I press F5 (continue) dozens of times, the USB device is recognized and works perfectly. I don’t like to press F5 each time so many times.
Since I don’t have the source code I cannot remove that __debugbreak. How to skip that __debugbreak?

Stack trace:
USBHID!HidTLCQueue::Validate() line 422 + 30 bytes
USBHID!HidTLCQueue::Initialize(unsigned long 52, unsigned long 3245131072) line 74
USBHID!InitializeTLCStructures(_HID_CONTEXT * 0xc21df0b8) line 673
USBHID!HidMdd_Attach(void * 0x00001198, unsigned char * 0x00000704, unsigned long 1, unsigned long 3245110652, unsigned long 4504, unsigned long 1796, unsigned long 1, void * * 0xc16c757c, unsigned long * 0xc16c7580) line 855 + 6 bytes
USBHID!CreateUsbHidDevice(void * 0xc21df180, const _USB_FUNCS * 0xef5758c1, const _USB_INTERFACE * 0xaf891c40) line 553 + 58 bytes
USBHID!USBDeviceAttach(void * 0xc21df858, const _USB_FUNCS * 0xc21df5e0, const USB_INTERFACE * 0x00000001, const wchar_t * 0x00000000, int * 0xc21df858, const USB_DRIVER_SETTINGS * 0xc21df5e0, unsigned long 1) line 296
*, SDevice *, const _USB_INTERFACE *, unsigned long, int *, const _USB_DRIVER_SETTINGS *) line 313 + 26 bytes
K.USBD!LoadGroupDriver(SDevice * 0x00000000, int * 0x00000001, const _USB_INTERFACE * 0x0000c001, int 1, int 0, int 1) line 474 + 24 bytes
K.USBD!LoadUSBClient(SDevice * 0x00000001, int * 0x00000001, const _USB_INTERFACE * 0x00000000) line 602
K.USBD!LoadDeviceDrivers(SDevice * 0x0061006f, int * 0x00690064) line 818 + 10 bytes
K.USBD!HcdDeviceAttached(void * 0xc16ce094, unsigned int 3012338976, unsigned int 4011356917, const _USB_DEVICE * 0x00000001, void * * 0xc16ce094) line 343 + 8 bytes
K.COREDLL!ThreadBaseFunc(unsigned long (void *) 0x00000001, void * 0x400808bc) line 1270

When does this happens? Connecting any kind of device or keyboard/mouse?
The check is inside:
so you should see the code for this.
I didn’t see the issue on CE7, I may not have used debug builds of CE8 after having installed the latest updates for microsoft, but we tested USB devices and they seems to work correctly.
If you can provide more informations we can try to reproduce the issue here, just to understand if this debug check is triggered by some issues in the USB host driver.
In the meantime, if this is not impacting the operativity of your device you may replace USBHID.* in your flat release folder with files from a release build, that should disable the debug checks and prevent the debugger from breaking there.

it happens only with one specific mouse type every time when connected or disconnected to USB (no hub). Other mice (dell, logitech) are ok, also USB hub and keyboard.
Mouse: HP Optical 3 Button USB model number MSU1158 produced some jears ago.

When connected to Windows 7 laptop it shows in device manager:
Hardware Ids

Device class

Device class guid

After the debugbreaks mouse works correctly? It may be that it’s returning some information inside its HID descriptors that are not correctly managed by the CE HID driver (I remember that happening with some devices reporting themselves as a mouse with 0 buttons).
Does the device work after the debug breaks?
In that case you can just copy the release version of the HID DLL, this should remove the break.
If it’s not working, do you need to support that specific device in your system?
We may need the hardware to understand the issue.

yes, the mouse works correctly after passing 40 “F5 continue” in VS2015. No need to suppport the specific model. Thank you for support!