Debug a DLL using VS2013

Hi there,

I want to debug a dll on iMX7 with VS2013. I’m using the Toradex_CE800 platform.

From older projects i know that i have to specify the calling application in the project properties (see following link: link text).

In the debugging options from Toradex_CE800 there is no possibility to specify the calling application. I can specify the IP-address of the remote device only. If I start a debug session an error message pop up: “Unable to start debugging. Check your debugger settings …”.

Is it possible to debug a dll or can I just debug a normal executeable?

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We never tried this. We used to debug DLL project with an executable application for Windows Embedded Compact. You may try adding an executable project or executable application with that DLL project.
If you have WEC2013 platform builder, you can build an image using our Workspace and BSP and add this DLL project as a subproject and build an image. This image you can debug using KITL by downloaing image from PC to development board. After that, you can debug this DLL whenever dependent application loads.
Let us know if you need further assistance on this.