Deactivate SRCBRANCH_use-head-next = "toradex_tk1_l4t_r21.6-next"


I would like to fix the used Linux kernel version.
So I plan to deactivate head_next within th recipe to prevent versions like:

Can you recommend this?

Kind regards

In regular builds use-head-next should not be in the machine overrides variable. Toradex usually add that through a MACHINEOVERRIDES =. "use-head-next:" in local.conf for Continous Integration. So the Linux kernel version should be fixed by the two variables SRCBRANCH and SRCBRANCH.

Currently SRCBRANCH_use-head-next = “toradex_tk1_l4t_r21.6-next” is set within
For CI purposes I should outcomment it, right?

OpenEmbedded uses something called “variable override”. Variable overrides are denoted by _.

So in this case we have a variable override of the variable SRCBRANCH in case use-head-next is set. However, unless you explicitly set use-head-next in your local conf, it won’t be set… So you should be fine without uncommenting that line.

So, unless you added use-head-next in your local conf, the line won’t be active anyway.