De-initialize display controller

I was wondering if there is a way to de-initialize the display controller in linux?

Use case is to have the A53 core de-initialize the display controller to allow the M4 core initialize and gain control to access the lvds lines.


Actually LVDS panel driver are disabled by default in a Device Tree. But you can completely remove it from kernel by unsetting CONFIG_DRM_PANEL_LVDS at defconfig and recompiling a kernel.

Thanks for the clarification, @alex.tx but let me rephrase my use case:

If we were to boot linux on the A53 and use it to display an UI over the LVDS but then wanted the M4 core to take over with another GUI (Backup GUI), do we need to de-initialize the display controller from the A53 or can the M4 just initialize and take over? Assume both display controllers are in use.

I remember your use-case from the Huddle session, @rsprince.

We are discussing internally if this is possible.

Best regards,
André Curvello