Database on WEC 2013 with VS2013

i have successfully implemented data acquisition from a modbus slave device by making a modbus master application deployed on vf61 module on colibri evaluation board running wince8 1.3b, development environment VS2013 professional.

now i have to couple this with a database.
which database do you recommend?
how do i setup a basic ‘read table’ application?
are there any known issues related with the above database?

work done so far

  1. read the article and downloaded the source files, i tried to include the 7 dll files but i could not do it as it gave a compatibility error
  2. read this article PAVE OVER How to: Deploy a SQL Server Compact 4.0 Database with an Application | Microsoft Docs but it talks about a publish tab which i was unable to find in 2013
  3. i downloaded this toolbox plugin SQLite and SQL Server Compact Toolbox - Visual Studio Marketplace and was able to create a simple database (.sdf file) and a table, i even tried firing queries and was successful, but i was unable to find APIs to access this database and the steps necessary to deploy this on toradex
  4. i read this stackoverflow answer and learnt that the sql server compact support is not provided by MS for VS2013.

Long story short, how do i make a database oriented project given the above specifications?


If you do not have to much to complex data you can look at SQLite ( ). From my experience its usually enough for embedded system.

You can also check here → I did not test this!

the first link provided was of little help as the platform and the language both are different.

the second link however looks promising. so i tried writing a simple application to test whether it works on windows and the results were great except for the fact that i had to copy SQLite.Interop.099.dll file to my debug folder to make it work.

now moving to windows embedded compact 2013:
i followed this tutorial
and i am stuck here:
" the native library (SQLite.Interop.099.dll) may be included directly in the operating system image through a subproject and a corresponding BIB file while the ADO.NET assembly (System.Data.SQLite.dll) may be included in the application folder itself."

the latter part was easy, however the former, which talks about making an operating system image was not fully understood.

please help me. any help is much appreciated[upload|QYTrckgCjEFyaLYvVyDOGDLy1VY=]


sorry to use the answer feature, but it showed that 600 character limit exceeded

You don’t need to add the DLL to image, copy it to the FlashDisk\System folder, that should be enough.

thanks it worked after i copied .dll file to flashdisk\system folder as commented by @valter.minute. thanks again!

thanks! much appreciated.