Data Abort at Imx6Adc_Init(L"ADC1")

I updated the Toradex libs from V2.0 to V2.1 (toradexcelibraries_2.1-20180112)
and now one of our drivers fails with Data Abort in Imx6Adc_Init(L"ADC1")
The Details are:

 115104 PID:400002 TID:41d007e Exception 'Data Abort' (0x4): Thread-Id=041d007e(pth=af8bd5ac), Proc-Id=00400002(pprc=8480fad0) 'NK.EXE', VM-active=0418007e(pprc=af889224) 'ServiceSW.exe'
 115105 PID:400002 TID:41d007e PC=ee1b4d14(adcdriver.dll+0x00004d14) RA=ee1b4cbc(adcdriver.dll+0x00004cbc) SP=c1b9f954, BVA=00000000

This leads to: 0001:00003b88 Stmpe811_Init

When I make the same function calls in test program linked to the same adcLib.lib from toradexcelibraries_2.1 it works fine. ( At least the debug version, the release version has some conflicts.)

Is there a certain order, how I must open the libraries? We use also the I2C and most other drivers.


Could you please try this one : and let us know if it doesn’t help.

After a rollback to Toradex libs V2.0, our WinCE8 driver worked fine again. We are still using BSP V1.3b4.
So the problem is in the toradexcelibraries_2.1-20180112 (and CE600 Version). Our driver had also be linked to more libraries for V2.1 than for V2.0.
That I could NOT reproduce the bug with a VS2008 test program with direct access to Imx6Adc_Init in adcLib.lib is strange.


Did you try this one: WinCE Libs: ADC_Init crashes with WEC2013/BSP 1.3b4 - #17 by raja.tx - Technical Support - Toradex Community and is it doesn’t work for you?

It works fine with
How stable is ?
Can we use it instead of V2.0 or shall we wait for V2.2?


You can use beta libraries for R&D Development. If you have more then 3 months time to ship your product then you can use beta libraries by the time we would release v2.2 and that you can use in your product application. Also, beta libraries will be better than the previous release and as of now, no major bugs.

Somehow I must have mixed up the libraries. When I downloaded the version again, it was not the one I tested before.
The actual Version 2.1b4298 does not crash, but measures always 0.0V
From the working lib, a just kept the binaries and they are from the 06.03.2018. works fine again!

Could you please share which link did you get 6_March_2018 package? I have built preliminary library version with latest source code. Please download it from here. I have verified ADC channel, it works properly. Let us know if you face any issue on this. This preliminary version should be identical to the 6_March-2018 package.