Dahlia Carrier Board USB Debug Question

I’m developing a board starting off with the Dahlia Carrier board Rev. 1.1. I’m wondering if the “DBG_FORCE_OFF#/DBG_RESET#/DBG_PWR_BTN#/DBG_RECOVERY#” signals are necessary. According to the schematics, these signals fulfill the same function as the SW1, SW3 and SW5 switches, except for the DBG_FORCE_OFF# signal that is connected to the KILL input of the pushbutton on/off controller.

I could not find documentation about these signals anywhere so I do not know if they are necessary for something or I can remove them from the schematic. How are these signals controlled from the PC?

On the other hand, I understand that to debug this module, only the JTAG, the UART_3 and the UART_4 are necessary.

Those signals are intended for remote debugging. You can remove them and all FTDI_JTAG lines as well . Usually JTAG is not required at all but you can leave a regular JTAG header(Dahlia X8) just in case.

For debug purpose you can leave just a IC37 level shifter and remove IC33 and all related circuits. Just let IC37 B1-B4 signals available on some header, so developers will be able to use widely available UART TTL -to- USB adapter for debugging.

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