CYTMA PCAP Controller

Hi everybody.
Is there anybody that have worked with CYTMA568 Capacitive Multitouch controller?
Is there something to share?
Really, there´s a few little information about this product…

Looks like a regular Cypress TrueTouch one which under Linux should work either using I2C or SPI using the following driver. There is also a later generation 4 driver whatever that means.

What exact hardware and software versions of things are you targetting?

Great! I´m trying to find driver for using it in WEC7… is there any info for this?
I have our own motherboard, and I can use most of the colibri modules, in this case, I wanted to use a T20 with the latest image, using I2C bus…

Dear @MartinAused

We don’t have a driver for this device. If the supplier of the touch screen does not provide a driver, most probably you won’t find one for WinCe.

What we provide is a generic touch driver framework, we call it the Capacitive Multi-Touch Solution. You will have to write the device-specific adaptation as a regular application (reading the coordinates through i2c), using for example our Toradex CE Libraries. With this approach you don’t need to care about the specifics of a touch driver, but you need to understand how the touch sensor presents the coordinates.

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Dear @MartinAused
You tagged your question with the keyword Linux, which triggered us to search for Linux related solutions. This probably does not help in your case. We appreciate using only appropriate tags, to help us focus our support to helpful solutions.
Thank you for your understanding

Well, you´re right, I know. But I did that because it is not 100% sure about using WinCe and maybe I will use Linux…
Also, i´m not sure about the module… maybe it would be some of your iMX…
But, sorry if I mess up!

hands on then.