CustomRTCSync not running in Colibri iMX6 V1.1A + WEC7 OS 1.2b6


We changed to Colibri iMX6 V1.1A hardware + 1.2b6 WEC OS and the CustomRTCSync.exe is not working and showing not a valid WEC application. Maybe it was compiled without Toradex WEC7 SDK.

Can I get the code or the CustomRTC Sync.exe file that is compiled using Toradex WEC7 SDK?

Earlier code/program was found in the following link:


The exe file has been built with our SDK, we provide exe files for both CE7 and WEC2013, if you don’t use the right one you can get that error message. This may happen also if the plugin DLL wasn’t built with the right SDK.
Can you provide us your DLL so we could do some testing?