CustomRTCSync application and justification

I have implemented my own CustomRTCSyncDll.dll along with CustomRTCSync.exe in Colibri iMX6 (WEC7). I found that it only syncs at boot time and writes at SetSystemTime.

My question is if the OS doesn’t sync system time with external RTC time to time automatically then how the sync justifies if the system is kept running for a long time?

In our application, we have to rely on an accurate external RTC and there is no internet to get the time from. How would I use the external RTC time as the system time?

One comment was on NTTP server

Can I write my own NTTP server that will read from the external RTC instead of the internet? If so, can I have example code for the implementation?

You can create a periodic task in your application and run rtcsync executable or use CeRunAppAtTime to schedule its execution at a fixed date.


We changed to Colibri iMX6 V1.1A hardware + 1.2b6 WEC OS and the CustomRTC Sync.exe is not working and showing not a valid WEC application. Maybe it was compiled without Toradex WEC7 SDK.

Can I get the code or the exe file?