Customize Toradex Easy Installer for 10 inch Capacitive Touch LVDS Display


I have successfully installed the Toradex Easy Installer on my Apalis iMX8 module and it displays correctly on an HDMI monitor. However, I need to use a 10-inch capacitive touch LVDS display instead.

I followed the documentation and modified the overlay.txt file to include the following overlay:

Despite this change, the LVDS display did not work.

I have reviewed the Toradex Easy Installer documentation, but I am still unsure about how to customize the Toradex Easy Installer to enable the LVDS display.

Could anyone guide me on the following points?

What specific steps should I take to enable the 10-inch capacitive touch LVDS display   on the Apalis iMX8?
How should I correctly write the tezi.its file for this purpose?

Any detailed instructions or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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To enable the 10-inch capacitive touch LVDS display on the Apalis iMX8 using the Toradex Easy Installer, you’ll need to follow a series of steps to ensure the display is correctly configured and recognized. The process involves modifying the device tree overlays and adjusting the Toradex Easy Installer configuration file (tezi.its).

Steps to Enable the 10-inch Capacitive Touch LVDS Display

  1. Modify the Device Tree Overlay:

    • Ensure the overlay apalis-imx8_panel-cap-touch-10inch-lvds_overlay.dtbo is correctly placed in the /boot/overlays/ directory of the Toradex Easy Installer image.
    • Verify the syntax and the name of the overlay file to ensure it matches exactly what is expected by the system.
  2. Adjust the overlay.txt File:

    • Confirm that the overlay.txt file (located in the root of the boot partition) correctly references the overlay. The entry should look like this:
    • This step is crucial for the system to apply the overlay at boot time.
  3. Modify the tezi.its File:

    • The tezi.its file is used by the Toradex Easy Installer to define the installation image properties. To customize it for the LVDS display, you’ll need to include the modified device tree or specify the use of the overlay within this file.
    • Open the tezi.its file in a text editor and locate the section that specifies the device tree or overlays.
    • Add a reference to your custom overlay within the fdt_overlays property, similar to how you did in the overlay.txt file.

Example tezi.its Modification

&images {
    fdt_overlays {
        data = /boot/overlays/apalis-imx8_panel-cap-touch-10inch-lvds_overlay.dtbo;
        type = "flat_dt";
        arch = "arm64";
        os = "linux";
        compression = "none";
        load = <0x00000000>;
        hash@1 {
            algo = "sha1";

Please adjust the load address and other parameters according to your specific requirements and the structure of your `tezi.its

Please, also check if these links can help you solve your problem:

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Regarding your question, please find below document which explain how to customise Toradex easy installer

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