Customize an angstrom-lxde-image for optimization

Hi all,

I’ve recently succeeded to build an angstrom-lxde-image for a Colibri-T20 board using Yocto and the toradex oe-core system.

Basically, we aim to have a basic X11 linu system on a Colibri T20 to run a custom cross-platform application based on X11. Previously, it used to run under WinCE with a very fast boot.

Therefore, I was wondering how to customize the default angstrom-lxde-image to remove unnecessary features (such as web browsers, desktop facilities etc.) and ensure a very fast boot.

Any suggestion is welcome.


As a example one can use/customize our console-trdx-image recipe. For boot time optimization references look at this webinar.

I’ll try console-trdx-image tomorrow.
However, I wa wondering if it was possible to generate a linux image using Yocto and not OpenEmbedded core reference ?
For example, would it be possi bl to generate a poky core-image-x11 by including meta-toradex layer ?


It is possible to use Yocto. Please have a look here.

@Sanchayan with our recent meta-toradex split i think it would be nice/easy to use the platform specific meta layers instead of using obsolete meta-toradex layer.

@karim Yes, with our recent split of meta-toradex it is easy now to build images with poky. Have a look at the available layers w.r.t platforms at our git repo here. To build poky based images one need to pull the required layers which in case of Apalis/Colibri Tegra based modules are meta-toradex-tegra, meta-toradex-bsp-common, meta-toradex-demos.

I tried the follmowing:
cloned a poky krogtoh env

git clone
git clone

Modified the conf/bblayers as follow:


  /home/kai/yocto/poky-toradex/meta \
  /home/kai/yocto/poky-toradex/meta-poky \
  /home/kai/yocto/poky-toradex/meta-yocto-bsp \
  /home/kai/yocto/poky-toradex/meta-toradex-tegra \
  /home/kai/yocto/poky-toradex/meta-toradex-bsp-common \

And simply launch bitbake -k core-image-x11
I get the errors:

Loaded 1327 entries from dependency
cache. ERROR: No recipes available

If I add meta-toradex-demos, I have other errors mentionning that there are no layers for qt5 …
did I forget something ? I just need a very minimal x11 distro.


meta-toradex-* are not yet tested on krogoth branch. I think i missed the ‘meta-jetson-tk1’ dependency layer which is required for Apalis TK1, sorry about that.


You’re right. I realized there are many version errors with krogoth. So I moved back to jethro.
Regarding meta-jetson-tk1, I just added as well.
Pleae note that in the README file of meta-toradex-tegra, it is mentionned:

If used for the TK1 based machine apalis-tk1 the following is additonally
branch: jethro

That’s why I did not download it first. I’m building for Colibri T20. Not an Apalis Tk1.
But I need it anyway, right ?

Thanks !

The meta-jetson-tk1 dependency is a bug I recently introduced and which I just now fixed and pushed.

I confirm that th core-image-x11 jhas successfuly completed after using “jethro” branches and also meta-jetson-tk1 dependency.

Thanks for your feedback.
You fixed the dependency so it means I would no longer need to get the meta-jetson-tk1 layer for a Toradex Colibri-T20 linux image ?

Yes, if you take latest and greatest of meta-toradex-tegra you no longer need meta-jetson-tk1 unless you build for apalis-tk1.