Custom torizon platform template under git control


I use Torizon under VSCode Windows. I would like to use a custom platform template and have it somehow bundled (under VSC control) with my workspace.

However, templates are located in C:\Users\myname\.vscode\extensions\toradex.torizon-1.4.0\moses-linux\platforms and are therefore not under the control of my workspace VCS (git). In addition, when there is an update of the torizon extension, the previous version ...\extensions\toradex.torizon-1.3.0\) is automatically removed (as it just happened yesterday).

Can you propose a way to manage new templates in an efficient way ?

Opinion : I find the generation of the dockerfiles with the template / torizon extension fields in VSCode GUI a bit clumsy. The use of the fields are not user friendly because they hold on a single line and there is no way to document the code. In addition, the field names are non intuitive and alphabetically ordered so that they don’t reflect the position of the different layers in the dockerfiles. In order to make myself organised, I write the field names in an extra files (a pseudo dockerfile), in order to edit them more easily and write comments, then when I am happy with it, I copy paste the code to the fields and check if the dockerfile is generated the way I was expecting. May be there is a better way to manage this ? Could you give some hint ?

My question is somehow similar to topic but the given answer does not solve my problem (I want to build a library in the docker image itself and not in the container)

nb: I cannot select the right tags associated with this message. The tags list is very limited : torizon is not available in the tags and I cannot create a new tag. Did I miss something ?

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Greetings @fdortu,

This is some interesting feedback, allow me to forward this to our IDE extensions team and see what they have to say.

Also I added the torizon tag to your post. I’m not sure why you were unable to add this initially.

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Just to give an update I discussed your feedback with our IDE team. In short, this is actually something that is currently being discussed as a future improvement/change to our IDE extension workflow. However, nothing has been decided as of yet. With that said, please keep an eye out for future updates on our IDE extensions. Also please continue to provide feedback and suggestions they are much appreciated.

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