Custom built WEC 7 with Japanese fonts

I want to custom build WEC 7 by adding Japanese font components.
Component Name: “MS Gothic & MS PGothic & MS UI Gothic”
However, if you open workspace in Platform Builder and build it with Japanese font component, it will get “Error: Image is too large for current RAM and RAMIMAGE settings” error.
How do I deal with it?

Dear @kyas

I assume you want to debug the image. Be aware that the debug version is much larger than the final release version (in case you run into any limitation, it might also be a solution to create basically a release image with only the critical parts built in debug configuration).

To be ready for an image larger than 80MB you need to adjust the image size in the config.bib file:

NK       80016000  05000000  RAMIMAGE
RAM      85016000  00FEA000  RAM
  • Increase the NK size (top right number).
    Make it large enough. The size will be reduced automatically according to your image.
  • Just for cleanlyness also adjust the start address of the RAM (bottom left number).
    Also this figure will be adjusted automatically.

If your image is larger than 100MB you also will have to adjust the size of the flash partition, where the image is stored in. Refer to the developer page article “Flash Layout Nvidia Tegra” for details.

Regards, Andy

Dear @kyas ,

If you want Japanese font only then this article may help you :

Just for your reference, If you didn’t see this: Creating a Windows CE Image with Different Language and Local Support . It may help you for custom build image.

Thank you for your reply.
Since the custom built image exceeded 80 MB, it turned out that an error occurred.
As you taught me, when I edited the value of config.bib, I could build without problems. Japanese is also displayed perfectly.

There is one small question.

I opened “\platform\nvap\files\config.bib” directly from explorer to edit config.bib.
This is because “nvap” can not be found on the platform in the Solution Explorer pane of development environment VS2008. (Please refer to image file)
Is this normal? Or is it possible to display “nvap”?

Please add an empty “dirs” file to the root platform/nvap folder. We can fix this in the next release.
Please create a new question for your request as per our community rules, thanks: How-To - Toradex Community