Current Support for MQX/MCC for M4 core at VF61


We would like to know how far is the support of the MQX RTOS for the M4 core at the Colibri VF61 module from Toradex.

We know that the current BSP works with FreeRTOS, but we have an actual base-code validated with MQX, and it would very interesting that it could be ported to the Toradex Colibri VF61, in the M4 core.

I’m taking for reference this page of support for MQX in the M4 of VF61:

So, what is the latest Linux/BSP version that supports MCC communication with M4?
And, what is the version of MQX/MCC Lib used for consideration?

I found out this ticket [28730] at Linux BSP Release Details:
I’ll test it as soon as possible.

Andre Curvello

@andrecurvello, Toradex is currently not investing time in MQX or MCC. For products going into production anytime soon, we recommend using our latest stable BSP version which is 2.7 at the moment. If you think your development might take a bit longer, you could also start using 2.8b1. You will find the release notes here:
We didn’t do a lot of work with MCC/MQX, so we cannot say too much about the current state and versions in general, sorry.
Let me know if you have any further questions.