CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 V1.1Z

The CSI Camera Module 5MB OV5640 V1.1Z is a special version of the product compatible with the Apalis iMX8QM SoM. The difference to the standard CSI Camera Module 5MB OV5640 V1.1A is the master clock source. On the V1.1A camera module, the master clock needs to be supplied externally. On the V1.1Z version, the master clock is generated on the camera module itself. The Linux BSP available for Apalis iMX8QM currently doesn’t support generating the master clock, that’s why the special version V1.1Z needs to be used as workaround for now.
Other than that, there are no differences between V1.1A and V1.1Z. Further information can be found in the datasheet of the V1.1A product or in our Getting Started guide.

Note: The CSI Camera Module 5MB OV5640 V1.1Z was an intermediate Version, which was replaced by the version 1.1B. The version 1.1B of the Camera Module can be purchased in Toradex Webshop.

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