Csi camera driver installation ov5640 in aplais imx6

csi camera driver is found in the link
through this link i come to know
linux-toradex.git - Linux kernel for Apalis and Colibri modules.
how to install the driver on board.

Just install the latest stable (V2.6 at the time of this writing) or beta (2.7b3) BSP and OV5640 should be supported out-of-the-box. Please have a look at the following article on our developer website concerning usage of the same.

Dear sir,
i am new to this can you give me steps to install the driver above mentioned.please


Please refer Flashing Embedded Linux to iMX6 Modules article and flash the latest 2.7b3 image which can be downloaded from here.

Dear sir,
sorry for asking once again how to locate the driver in the board please see the link

As already mentioned please use 2.7b3 BSP and OV5640 should be supported out-of-the-box.