Cross compiler update for additional package

I have angstrom distribution on Colibri iMX6 and cross-compile toolchain of angstrom-glibc-x86_64-armv7at2hf-neon-v2017.12-toolchain on host computer. I have installed an extra package(libmnl) to target board using opkg. I downloaded ipk from angstrom feeds. How to add this package to cross-compile toolchain on host computer for application development using new package ?

My systems details are as follows.
Colibri iMX6DL 512MB
Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2
Linux Kernel v4.9.220
Angstrom distribution v2017.12
BSP v2.8

Hi @jaydeep

I quickly checked with the attached SDK and libmnl(i.e*,libmnl.h) is available default.

Hi @jaydeep,

Further more please check below link for generating Custom Linux Image and SDK for development.
With BSP 5.4 we do not maintain feeds so opkg will not work there. Due to this, it is important to have Yocto setup to generate Custom Linux Image and SDK.

If one do not want to work with Yocto in such case please check Torizon. Where one can run Debian container and leverage vast Debian packages.

Please feel free to ask if you have any doubt.

Thanks & Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

Hi @ritesh.tx,

Thanks for providing the link for custom linux image. It downloads files from internet(git) directly. The problem is my host PC can not be connected to internet. I can download files from internet on another PC and can transfer them to host PC. Is there any way to download all required files in one PC and afterward build kernel in offline mode in another(host) PC using those files ?


Hi @jaydeep,

It depends what you want to achieve. If purpose is just to compile kernel and device tree, it should be possible to download or clone using different network and transfer to build pc/system.

If purpose is to customise and generate custom Linux image using Yocto framework, we will recommend doing on same build pc. That said it is possible to use fetchall with bitbake to fetch source code and share the download folder across different build pc. Ideally it should work but we have not tested same.

Thanks and Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar