Cross-compiled ffmpeg and ffplay for Apalis iMX6 ffplay is not able to a video

Hi Team,
I’ve cross compiled ffmpeg and ffplay for Arm Processor. ffmpeg is working fine but ffplay is not playing video(mp4). ffplay shows white screen. I think pixel format is supporting i.e. Some pixel related library is missing. My goal is play a video using ffplay, then grab that screen using ffmpeg & stream over the TCP. I appreciate your earlier response.

my command

ffplay -an /home/root/media/sample_video.mp4

HI @Parameshwaran and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Could you provide the version of the hardware (including carrier board) and software of your module?

My goal is play a video using ffplay, then grab that screen using ffmpeg & stream over the TCP.

You could also use gstreamer for your application.

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Hi @jaski.tx,

Thanks for your response.
Requested details: Apalis IMX6Q 1GB SOM and Carrier board ixora rev 1.0


Thanks. And what is your software version?

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I’m using ffmpeg 4.2.1 as a software to work with in the Apalis IMX6Q

Please let me know if you are not mentioning this.


Software is Embedded Linux.

I know it is Embedded Linux. I am asking for the Software version of the SoM ( uname -a and cat /etc/issue )?

Embedded Linux OS software installed.

Sorry for the wrong answer. I’m new to Embedded System. PFB the requested details,

sh-4.2# uname -a

Linux apalis-imx6 3.0.35 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Apr 4 20:18:11 CEST 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux

sh-4.2# cat /etc/issue

| | .-. o o
| | |-----.-----.-----.| | .----…-----.-----.
| | | __ | —’| ‘–.| .-’| | |
| | | | | |— || --’| | | ’ | | | |
‘—’—’–’–’–. |-----’’----’’–’ ‘-----’-’-’-’
-’ |

The Angstrom Distribution \n \l

Angstrom v2013.12 - Kernel \r



HI Bsp 2.2 is not supported, check for our Bsp Support Strategy here. Please update to at least Bsp 2.8.

Regarding the player, I would suggest you using gstreamer, vlc or mpv.

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Hi @jaski.tx ,

Thanks for your suggestion. BSP update is in progress.

Another issue is, gstreamer(v0.10) plays mp4 video only not playing other video formats(mkv, flv, avi).

Will gstreamer be updated after BSP update?



Gstreamer 1.0 can play .avi and .mpeg files, which is included in Bsp 2.8.

Nobody uses .mkv and .flv nowadays, if you really want to play them, you might also try to add VLC to your custom image which you can build using OpenEmbedded Build.

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