Cross compile PJSIP Colibri iMX7

I want to install PJSIP on my Colibri iMX7. I followed the steps provided here adding my pjsip meta-layers according to this document.

I got the .bb file here changing the named to wich is the latest version and the checksums.

The tree of my meta-pjproject is as follow :

├── conf
│   └── layer.conf
└── recipes-pjproject
    └── pjproject

In the layer.conf I have :

# We have a conf and classes directory, add to BBPATH

# We have recipes-* directories, add to BBFILES
BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \

BBFILE_COLLECTIONS += "pjproject-layer"
BBFILE_PATTERN_pjproject-layer = "^${LAYERDIR}/"
BBFILE_PRIORITY_pjproject-layer = "7"
LAYERVERSION_pjproject-layer = "1"

But during the command bitbake -k angstrom-lxde-image and after several hours I have this error.

So I added to the bb file :

LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://MD5SUM.TXT;md5=xxx"

with MD5SUM.TXT containing :

c347a672679e7875ce572e18517884b2  pjproject-2.6.tar.bz2

But now I have this.


I changed the recipe for this one based on this discussion but I have this error:

ERROR: configure failed
 ../pjproject-2.6/configure: 2: ../pjproject-2.6/configure: ./aconfigure: not found

Here is the log :

What can I do ? Is there a simpler way to compile a package?

The pjsip recipe you refer is quite old from OE classic. A more recent example might be from this discussion on the mailing list.

Thank you I edited my post according to your comment.


Is there a simpler way to compile a package?

That depends on the project, usually using OE eases the setup for cross compiling, as most projects did not put much effort into easy cross compiling in their configuration/Makefiles.

What can I do ?

There is a migration guide if one wants to resurrect a recipe of openembedded classic.

In your case I could at least build the package when changing the recipe to this.


Wow… Thank you very much ! You are my hero… I don’t really understand all the things you did but I am going to try to understand them… Thank you again !

I also write for devices with colibri iMX7, and I need to build VoIP SIP protocol under Yocto Rocko. Do you have a link to the code? Thanks!

I don’t understand your question. For source code, you can choose any open source SIP Software.
Best regards,