Cross Compilation for opencv C++

I have tried to cross compile the opencv C++ code and it generated the executable file and it is compile only for the laptop not in the toradex board.
It seem that there is some problem with compatiblity. please help with me this !
alt text

hello @narbada and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Could you provide the version of the hardware and software of your module? Which carrier Board are you using?

Regarding Cross Compilation, did you already check this site?

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hello @jaski.tx
Linux Apalis-imx6q 1Gb V1 1B
LinuxImageV2.6.1 vesion
Carrier board: Col Evaluation V3.2

I had run the commands that the Toradex website has provided in ‘Starting with opencv in iMX6 processors’ ,the commands for generating SDK, Preparing for cross-compilation and then cross compiling and deploying.
I pasted the code in myApp script file and ran the command make.
Then the above mentioned error had occurred.

hi @narbada@

Bsp 2.6 is not supported anymore. Please update to Bsp 2.8b. Additionally check this answer, where I successfully compiled C++ code with opencv libraries.

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