Creating TEZI Installer image - TEZI.itb


I tried creating the tezi image (tezi.itb )using the tutorial here:

I managed to create the tezi.itb. When i copied over to a pendrive and boot into TEZI, I see the erroe below:
alt text

I did a compare between the original image and my image i notice that the image that i created was longer in length.

alt text

The MKIMAGE tool that i use to build the TEZI image is from the uboot branch here:

hi jy,

Remarks about SD card or USB stick approach:

You don't need to put the module in recovery mode.
You need a version of the U-Boot bootloader pre-installed on the board that supports Distro Boot.
You must have access to either Linux or the U-Boot terminal from the board.

did you do that?

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Hi @matthias.tx

yes I have access to the U-Boot terminal
What i did was when i turn on the unit.

  1. I stop the Uboot process by pressing any key.
  2. Enter the command “run distro_bootcmd”.

That is how i got to the screen shot above. On the first line of the screenshot you could see the “run distro_bootcmd” command entered.

How do i check ig the U-Boot bootloader pre-installed on the board supports Distro Boot?
I think it supports DistroBoot because when i replace the tezi.itb with the original copy downloaded, the unit is able to load into TEZI. The problem araise when i replace the tezi.itb with the one that i build.
What i did was changing the dtb so that it is able to support the LCD screen on my unit(LVDS Connection).

Best Regards,
Jy Teh

Hello jy,

if you had the toradex Easy Installer flashed to the board before it is supporting distroboot.
Normally The toradex Easy installer should boot from your Pendrive. And it should boot right away. What happens if you are not stopping the boot process.

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I do not have Toradex Easy Installer flashed on the board. I do have Linux Console Image built using Yocto flash on the board.

Currently the Toradex Easy installer is booting from my Pendrive(by entering “run distro_bootcmd” in the u-boot).

The Toradex Easy Installer downloaded from the Toradex Website is working fine.
The problem is when i am trying to change the tezi.itb, that is where i got the error in the picture.

And why exactly would you even want to do this?

Hi @marcel.tx

This is because we are currently running the SOM in our own customized carrier board and we would like to see the TEZI installation progress on the LCD Screen on our customized carrier board.

We would like to edit the DTB of the TEZI, so that the TEZI is able to display to the LCD in our customized carrier board.