Creating a customized wince os image

i have Colibri ixm6 with colibri evaluation board v3.2 and i have windows embedded compact 2013 installed in it. For my new project, i need a customized os which contains only several drivers and my application alone. i searched and found that the source code of wince is not available and they provide bsp and workspaces for customization and to build a new image.I have bsp and workspace.But i cant find any tutorials or demos of working with bsp and workspace. so i need to know the procedure (how to open a bsp and editing os)for working with bsp and os image creation through vs2015.

Thanks in advance.

It’s not necessary to build your own image if you want add or exclude features. As an example you can disable drivers, install drivers, add other WinCE features like the .NET Compact Framework, disable the explorer (desktop), etc.

If you still wish to create your own image, documentation is available on Microsoft site:

the link shows content not found…kindly help

Dear @nishanth1829
I fixed the link in Alex’ answer above.
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thank you but how can i install platform builder on visual studio 2015

Dear @nishanth1829

  1. Purchase Platform Builder from Microsoft
  2. Follow Microsoft’s installation instructions

Please understand that this is not Toradex related. I also agree with the first statement of @alex.tx: We recommend to customize the Toradex image with configuration settings, rather than building your own image.
Platform Builder is quite a complex tool. If you already struggle with the installation, you will run into much more complex problems later on.

Regards, Andy

ok sir but customize toradex image with configuration settings means to disable or enable drivers using registry values or by any other means?

Dear @nishanth,

I request you go through our developer documentation :,100195,100194&cond=and to understand how easily WinCE is configurable for various requirement without building a custom image.

If you still build a build image then follow this community forum : to do that.

Please let us know if you have a very specific requirement, we will try you help you.

I want to develop a os which has only several drivers and a particular application alone and it should not have any other applications including explorer. I am having troubles in setting up workspace for wince os creation because the windows embedded compact 2013 is not available currently in microsoft website.

You can disable drivers and explorer without re-building an image:
Disable drivers | Toradex Developer Center
Disable and Enable the Explorer | Toradex Developer Center

Platform builder can be purchased either standalone from your local distributor or as an MSDN license. For PB/Visual studio related support please use a