Create config block file on WEC7 for iMX6

I would like to load a config block with specific splash screen settings via the update tool (7.4.0, 1.9). However I have troubles creating a config block file. I was not able to backup the configblock, there was an error message ‘Backup error when generating file \FlashDisk\backup.cfg’. I also tried to run the ConfigBlockEditor.exe in order to generate a config block file but get an error there as well: ‘This SOC or BSP Version is not supported yet. Please update BSP.’
I tried it with ConfigBockEdtior V1.9 and V1.10 but the same message appeared. I could not find a newer version of BSP on the Toradex webpage.

Config block editor should work on release 1.3b4, on what version are you testing?
We are aware of the issue exporting the config blog, this will be fixed in the upcoming 1.3 release (due in a few weeks), in the meantime, you can try to export that file on a folder not under flashdisk and that should work.

Backing up the configblock on the SD card works. Thank you for the hint. Currently we have WEC7 Image V1.2 installed, I’ll try V1.3.

Ok, ConfigBlockEditor is now working with WEC7 Image V1.3.