CPU frequency regulation for Colib T30 with 6.1 version mainline kernel

I have updated our Yocto build for the Colibri T30 to use kernel version 6.1… it took quite a bit of work to do that based on your BSP v 2.8.8 (mostly because some of classes didn’t want to compile the newer kernel versions) but we wanted long term support of existing T30 devices.

Upon loading the OS, we get a few errors from the cpufreq driver

[ 3.045827] tegra20-cpufreq tegra20-cpufreq: operating points not found
[ 3.052705] tegra20-cpufreq tegra20-cpufreq: please update your device tree

do you know what exactly the operating points in this case would be? Do we get dynamic scaling of the

[ 18.409506] tegra30-tsensor 70014000.tsensor: calibration: 12323 10245 90 24 ATE ver: 40 SoC rev: 3
[ 18.567999] tegra30-tsensor 70014000.tsensor: ch0: PMC emergency shutdown trip set to 90C

I am kind of confused on what the situation with cpufreq is in the new kernel. Can I just update the device tree with the OPPs and get dynamic frequency scaling? Or do I need to apply these patches
@marcel.tx can you help us out here? What do I need to do to get the dynamic frequency scaling goodness?



Colibri T30 1GB IT
V 1.1B
Yocto BSP 2.8.8
custom carrier board

Do you know what the values for our CPU are? I am looking through the documentation in device tree and need these two values.

  1. CPU process ID mask
  2. CPU speedo ID mask


Hello @bertin,

Your account manager will contact you soon about this topic.

We would like to remind you that since the T30 is going EOL, support for these modules will be stopped.

Here you can have a look at our migration guide:

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