Correct image for Colibri iMX8X

I want to test the Colibri iMX8X on a Viola board and therefore I am trying to install Torizon.

On the page Toradex Easy Installer it is written:

Attention: if you have a Colibri iMX8X
V1.0B or older use a suitable image as
indicated in the download table below,
or the online Toradex Easy Installer
feed. If you have a Colibri iMX8X
V1.0C or newer, make sure to install
the default image, or the one for the
V1.0C if available, either from the
table below or the online Toradex Easy
Instaler feed.

If you install an image for the wrong
version of Colibri iMX8X, it will not
boot and you will have to enter
Recovery Mode, re-load Toradex Easy
Installer and install a suitable

Unfortunately I have no idea what the “suitable image” or “default image” refers to and I cannot find the corresponding images in the table… Can someone please help me and explain where I find the correct images? The version of my SoM is V1.0D

Since you have V1.0D You can select any available image not marked as “for V1.0B”