Convert nk.bin to nk.nbx

How can I convert the nk.bin to nk.nbx file?

NBX is the compressed version of the bin file. Also there are some advantages of compressed files, you can also flash the bin files. If you still need this feature, we sell the compression tool for 5 support hours (see also here). You need to buy the support hours in our webshop. Please give us a note once you made the payment.

If I use in the Toradex Easy Installer the nk.bin file, it shows me the follow error:
Loading compressed image…
Reading image from sector 40962.
Invalid image signature.
ERROR: Failed to load OS image from SD/MMC.
INFO: OEMReportError Reason 0xfffffffa

Only the big NK.nb0 is working :expressionless:

The bin file contains header information, to flash with the Toradex Easy Installer you need a raw format like the nb0 or compressed version of it nbx.

Hi i need a program that will unpack or open a nbx file,
i want to customise it and then repack it.
please if someone can get me the right one for it.

And will it convert the bin to nbx?