Controlling/Toggling GPIO- Colibri T30 Iris Board,Controlling/Toggling GPIO's- Colibri T30

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I’m New into these things.I’m Using Colibri Iris T30 Board with that using Ubuntu18.04 os ; I have done the basic things like controlling GPIO through command line also did the Hello world Program using eclipse.
But i wanted to control(Toggling) the gpio’s using Eclipse.
Also i wanted interface the some digital/analog sensors/.
Please let me know how can be interact with gpio of board using Eclipse IDE(How to Acess the Gpio/i2c/spi/analog)directly,so i can easily work with that.Is that i need any Extra IDE to develop my applications(Like in ARM7 i use Keil IDE/IAR).

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Eclipse IDE is a developer-friendly application development tool. User space APIs are the same for makefile based application build setup and Eclipse IDE also.

Please refer above two documentation links for how to develop application and debug using Eclipse. On top of hello-world application add other features of your application like GPIO, I2c, SPI.

Please refer below documentation for accessing peripherals





There is a libsoc library framework which is already included in our BSP, it is very useful to access GPIO, i2c, SPI, PWM from user space application.

All the above userspace APIs you would use in your application to develop your product.

If you are new to Linux, we highly recommend you go through our knowledge base documentation to gain more knowledge.

Please let us know if you have any other specific question.

Wish you good luck with your development!

Dear Sir@raja.tx thanx for your time,
I have done with gpio configuration to toggle the led’s .I have the Build file which generated by eclipse now how can i flash into the my colibri t30 board that contineously run my application?

How can i start my application on start-up?


You can copy the file by using media (USB, SD card or Network) of your choice to the module.

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Please have a look here.

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Now Im getting this issue when i was trying to flash imagealt text

Hi @hanmant9096: As @raja.tx wrote, please create a new question. Thanks.

Yeah ok. thanks for that.

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