Control SODIMM pin 71 in VF50 from bootloader

We are migrating from the PXA310 over to the VF50 and noticed there is no information on controlling GPIO pin states while in suspend mode, as we are doing with PXA310.

We need to control our LCD backlight during suspend, and do this on PXA310 by defining the pin and states in the registry.

As we can not control the gpio pin in suspend mode, is there any way to control it during boot? or bootloader?

We need to display the splash screen while the system is booting?

This is very much critical to our application. A quick response will be really appreciated.

Yes, you can do it at bootloader. Please check this article:

Can you redirect me to any example?

Dear @saumilpandya89
Please refer to the article @alex.tx mentioned in his answer. There are two examples.
Regards, Andy