Control LED by GPIO

How to control LED by GPIO on Apalis Evaluation Board?

Which operating system do you use?

i am using Linux

actually i want to control on board LED by gpio but not getting which led connected to which gpio


The LEDs are not connected to any Apalis pin. You will have to use jumper cables.

Please have a look at the Apalis Evaluation Board schematic.


Hello sir,
i have connected jumpers also to from gpio1 which is on X4 connnector and led connector which is on X34 and i have type following commands

echo "1" > /sys/class/gpio/export                  
echo "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio1direction
echo "1" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio1/value

but still led on get on

Please have a look at this as well and remember to pay attention to the mapping between the various pin names/numbers.

Which module do you use? Are you really referring to GPIO1? Please have a look at the Apalis Evaluation Board Schematics to confirm which MXM3 pin you refer to and then have a look at the Section 4.4 of the Apalis iMX6 datasheet for the corresponding GPIO number, assuming you are using iMX6 module.

GPIO1 would be GPIO1_IO01, see here which would be MXM3_4 and is used by PWM for default.

i am using this pin MXM3_1 A10 B10 X38-106 GPIO_1
is it gpio1??

No, please refer to the thread I linked to in my below answer.