Control events with .NET Compact Framework

Hello, I am developing an application for a Colibri VF 50 with WEC2013 platform, .NET Compact 3.9 and VS2015.
In the Properties event list of a control, e.g. a text box, I can see only a fistful of possible events.
It seems that many relevant events are missing, for example the Click event.
In the code window, however, i can assign an event handler to the Click event (but it’s not executed).
I cannot find any information in the documentation.
Do you know why so many events are missing?



Please provide sample code. Upload it to and paste a link here

Here is a super-basic VS project as an example:

link text

I did some googling and some tests. Turns out Click event of text box is not implemented inside framework. Its there because its part of class Control and TextBox is sub-classed from there.

Thank you for the prompt answer. Although I could have guessed this myself, I could find no official information about this.