Console output, can't see print of C program

Hi all,

I have an Apalis imx8qm + Ixora working Yocto system based on your 5.7 release.
I have a silly question: why I cant’ see printf of a C program on the console?
I have the same problem with my Cranksoftware application, all the print I do doesn’t appear on the console, I can’t understand why.

The same Cranksoftware and the same D program (compiled with a different SDK) both print without any problem on my imx6 system.

Can anyone help me with this stupid issue?



Hello @Merlin , welcome back :slight_smile:
As a first check, have you tried connecting to the module via the serial console and checking if something is displayed there?

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Hi @josep.tx

Yes everything works on the console, I also che run console commands and stuff.
I just don’t have any feedback from Cranksoftware application and C program.
It is a bit strange, for example I have a print once a second in my Crank application, I don’t see any af theese print on che console but, sometimes, after few minutes I see all the print appearing in the same moment.

It seems that at a certain time the “queue” of print is flushed to the console.

Hi @Merlin ,
You can try using the fflush() call after the printf () to see if that improves the behavior.

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