Connectiong the imx6 on easy-phi cpu card:

Technical Support queries:
I am currently working on my masters project with the symme laboratory, and part of my project is to perform the CAN communication through the rack.

My first problem is how to work on the chip without being able to connect to a screen.
types of existing connectors on the easy-phi board:

  • 2 USB ports(not USB 3.0)
  • Mini USB
  • ethernet port
  • USB type A
    NO VGA port

    My request is: to guide me establish my first connection to the setup needed so i can start working on the communication protocols.
    I will be really grateful if you answer me as soon as possible.
    best regards.

Hi @Imane ,

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First of all I wish you the best of luck for your masters project.

One way of communicating with the board would be through the serial console. If I see correctly the connector J5 seems to be a USB type B connector. Is this one maybe used as an UART port?

If not since there’s also a ethernet connector you can connect to the board through SSH and interact with the board in this way.

Are you working from a Linux machine or are you using Windows?

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This CPU Card is basically a custom Apalis carrier board and one would need to look at its specific schematics to figure out how/what connectors/interfaces are exactly realised. Unless there is somewhere a USB-to-serial converter chip (e.g. like an FTDI on the back side or behind/below the Apalis iMX6 module) I doubt that any of them USB client interfaces may be used for its console but who knows.

Hi @Imane,

Were you able to solve this issue? If so, could you mark one of the above replies as a “solution”?

Let me know if you need anything else from us.

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No i’m still struggling to even power it on.

On the SSH tutorial that you have sent me, it’s mentioned that the command ssh root@apalis-imx6-05227848.local is supposed to establish the connection but no.

Well my problem is structured as follows:

  • Power the CPU card on.

  • Establish the connection in order to have a programming interface.

  • Be able to perform communications from my imx6 and the rest of the modules using the SCPI protocol.

If you can help me soon, I’ll be very grateful.

Thanks for your efforts.


Hi @Imane,

You can also try to find the IP address of your board using a network scanner, like Nmap for example, and then try to connect to it using the ssh command with the IP address: ssh root@IP_ADDRESS.

Can you explain to us what is happening? When you connect the power supply, does nothing happens? Please provide more details so we can help you with that.

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