Connection Issue to Core M4F1 on AM62 Micro via XDS110

I’m currently facing an issue while trying to connect to the Core M4F1 of the AM62 micro through XDS110, following the procedure outlined in the provided [AM62x MCU+ SDK: CCS Launch, Load and Run]. When attempting to connect to the core, I receive the following error message:

Error connecting to the target:
(Error -1274 @ 0x0)
Error encountered during connect sequence. The specific reason is unknown but may be the result of trying to access a Core or logic that is inaccessible due to a lack of Power, Clocks, or Authentication (i.e. Security is preventing).
If blocked by security, and if supported, access may be allowed after following the Authentication process.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Any help or suggestions would be highly valuable.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hi @Manuele !

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Since the Verdin AM62 is a rather new module, there are still some usage details that our documentation is still in the works.

Could you please give us more details of the steps you executed to produce the issue?

By the way, I don’t think I have a XDS110 available to be able to try to reproduce the issue you are facing. This will make thinks harder :grimacing:

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Hi @henrique.tx,
Here are the details of the steps I executed and some system information:

  1. Using Texas steps, I was able to connect to 2 core A53 and 2 SPU.
  2. I’m using a Mallow carrier board
  3. Linux is running on Cortex-A when the issue occurs.
  4. System Information:
    root@verdin-am62-15133450:~# tdx-info

Software summary

Bootloader: U-Boot
Kernel version: 6.1.46-6.4.0-devel+git.5ed54483177b #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Oct 4 10:01:54 UTC 2023
Kernel command line: root=PARTUUID=1f3b4c55-02 ro rootwait console=tty1 console=ttyS2,115200 consoleblank=0 earlycon=ns16550a,mmio32,0x02800000
Distro name: NAME=“TDX Wayland with XWayland”
Distro version: VERSION_ID=6.4.0-devel-20231102114015-build.0
Hostname: verdin-am62-15133450

Hardware info

HW model: Toradex Verdin AM62 WB on Verdin Development Board
Toradex version: 0075 V1.1A
Serial number: 15133450
Processor arch: aarch64

1.Device tree Info:
root@verdin-am62-15133450:~# tdx-info -dt
Device tree
Device tree enabled: -
Compatible string: toradex,verdin-am62-wifi-devtoradex,verdin-am62-wifitoradex,verdin-am62ti,am625
Device trees available:

Device tree overlays

Overlays enabled: fdt_overlays=verdin-am62_dsi-to-hdmi_overlay.dtbo verdin-am62_spidev_overlay.dtbo
Overlays available:

I hope this information helps in diagnosing the issue. Let me know if you need any further details!
Best regards,

Hi @Manuele

What version of the CCS and its environment are you using? Are you able to connect to the M4F0? Also, is the behavior different when you put the SoC into recovery mode and then try to connect to the M4 (do not load Toradex Easy Installer, just keep the SoC in Recovery Mode)?