Connecting two Ethernet PHY without magnetics -Colibri Family

I am designing a carrier board that will host two Colibri Module (most likely two Colibri iMX6 - 256MB IT). these two modules will need to be connected to each other using crossover Ethernet. the carrier board is very small, so both modules are very close to each other, maybe 3 or 4 cm apart.

My question is; can i directly connect the PHY pins of one board to the other board, in crossover format without using any sort of additional circuitry, such as magnetics or EMI suppressors? so basically direct PCB traces to from one SODIMM to the other SODIMM.

The iMX6 uses “Microchip - KSZ8041” Ethernet chip

Looks like you can just connect 2 PHY to each other through 0,1uF capacitors on each of 4 lines. However we have never tested such a configuration. Pleas use Microchip Design Review Services to verify your design.