Connecting an OV5640 CSI Camera to an Apalis iMX8QM Evaluation Board

I am trying to get the CSI Camera Module 5MP OV5640 V1.1Z hooked up to the Apalis iMX8QM Evaluation Board Starter Kit but I haven’t been able to find a connector on the eval board that is compatible with the ribbon cable that comes out of the camera senor board. Is there an adapter connector that we have to get in order to get these to connect together or is the connector built onto the eval board somewhere?

Dear @Geoff,

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If the kit you own is composed by the Apalis Evaluation Board, you need to use one of the Type-specific mezzanines boards.

Do you have one of these mezzanines in your office? If yes, which one and which version?

If your kit includes the Ixora carrier board, then you can simply connect the Camera FFC cable to the connector X28 which is placed underneath the Apalis module as shown in Figure 2 on page 8 of the Ixora carrier board datasheet:

Please make sure you align pin 1 of the camera and carrier board connectors when you insert the FFC cable.
I hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to get back to me if you need further help.

Hi @diego.tx ,

Thanks for getting back to me. I am using the following dev kit:

Unfortunately I do not have a mezzanine board in my possession. Can you recommend the type of mezzanine board I should order so that I can interface the camera with my dev kit?


Hi @Geoff,
no worries it is a pleasure to help.
I would recommend getting the product “Apalis iMX6 Mezzanine V2.0A”:

The mezzanines are all compatible from the CSI Interface point of view but, if you get the product mentioned above, you will also be able to use the “Recovery Mode” button which is compatible between Apalis iMX6 and Apalis iMX8 modules.

I hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to use again the Toradex Developer Community if you need further help.