Connect to Wifi network using LM816 USB WiFI using WEC2013

my System runs headless, using WEC2013. Sometimes a maitenance Team goes there and nedds a Connection.

My idea: The Team uses a Smartphone to create a hotspot, now the System can connect to this WIFI network, the credentials were preprogrammed and are fixed.

After the Job, the hotspot is removed.

Any Chance to get this running on a Colibri i.MX7 DP with WEC2013 as OS?

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Yes, this should work, as long as you install the LM816 drivers on your device:
In the past, we had some issues with mobile hot-spots, and you may need to test the connection and best settings from both phone and device to get a reliable connection. You should also check if the device considers a network with the same name but on different phones as the same wi-fi network (I personally never tested that, should work but, again, better testing it first).
Do you plan to have the device auto-connect to the hot-spot or you have an HW mechanism (push button etc.) to trigger it?