Connect DVI display via IRIS carrier board on Colibri imx7 running boot2qt


I have used my colibri imx7 with the toradex 7" resistive touch display, which worked fine.

Now, for testing, I want to connect a benq computer display via a DVI cable directly to the DVI output of the IRISv2 board.
The documentation says, that this should be possible without the HDMI-to-DVI adapter.
The problem is, I do not get an image displayed.

Do I need to set vidargs? I tried with a fresh boot2qt 5.15.2 image installation without and with the vidargs envs. I also tried with the toradex easy installer image and the torizon image.


An Iris DVI-I connector has two independent video interfaces - Digital TDMS and Analog VGA. While VGA interface works with any Colibri module the Digital TDMS interface works only with selected Colibri modules (T20, T30 and iMX6) equipped with Digital TDMS X2 connector. And you need to connect an FFC cable between Colibri and Iris to make it work.

A Colibri iMX7 module has no native HDMI/DVI interface so you can’t use DVI monitor. You can still connect a VGA display using DVI->VGA adapter. It’s actually the same parallels RGB LCD interface as on your 7" display. So screen resolution, timings and picture on connected VGA display will be the same as on LCD display.

Please check chapter 3.7. Display Interface of Iris datasheet for details.