Confusion on imx6ULL SPI

I am checking the colibri imx6ULL datasheet. It says that there are 3 SPI controllers available: ecspi1,2,3. Table 5-25 shows the ecspi2.MOSI, ecspi2.MISO, ecspi2.SS0 and ecspi2.SCLK are “not connected on module with Wi-Fi”. Here are my questions:

  1. Since imx6ULL has built-in WiFi, does that mean ecspi2 is not available too?
  2. The additional slave select signals ( ecspi1.SS1, ecspi1.SS2 and ecspi1.SS3) share same X1 pins with LCD RGB data. Does that mean these slave select signals are not available if RGB data are used? There are no alternate pins for RGB data, right?
  3. There are no additional slave select signals for ecspi3 controller. Right?
  4. Over all in total only 2 SPI slave devices can be accessed each by an SPI controller (ecspi1 or ecspi3) when RGB data are used. Right?


Hi @wjzhang,

Yes, correct. The Colibri iMX6ULL versions which have on-module Wi-Fi do not have these pins. Therefore, a maximum of 2 SPIs is possible on these modules.
Only one SPI interface is a standard in Colibri. The other interfaces are alternate functions of other interfaces. The second SPI is only available on pins which are also used for the LCD interface. Therefore, if you need the LCD interface, you cannot use them as SPI.

The best way to check these dependencies is to use our Pinout Designer. You can find the tool here. Just select The Colibri and iMX6ULL_WB as the module and then enter your required configuration in order to see whether there are any pin muxing conflicts.