Configure VideoMEM for Vivante GPU

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We are developing a Blazor app for iMX8QM on an ixora carrier board, and a 10-inch LVDS. I was wondering if there are ways to limit or increase the VideoMEM for the vivante gpu?

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Greetings @bgo,

It sounds like you want to take a look at configuring the CMA: Contiguous Memory Allocator - CMA (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center

Memory allocated to CMA is reserved for things like GPU usage. Therefore increasing this should increase the pool of memory available to the GPU. Keep in mind this pre-allocated memory won’t be available for regular use if it’s been assigned to the CMA. Therefore you’ll need to make sure you still leave enough memory for non-gpu operations.

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Hello @jeremias.tx

thank you! We will consider the drawbacks of pre-allocated memory and have a deeper look into CMA.

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Glad I could help provide some advice.