Configure LD2OUT on Apalis iMX8


I am trying to configure the Apalis i.MX8QP SD1 (i.MX4 USDHC2) interface to 1,8V.
According to the manual, the LDO2OUT output of the first PMIC should be configured for changing the SD1 interface voltage.
Modifying the value using i2c tools; seems to be not possible since the device is busy and also I cannot find any configuration field in the device tree.
Is it possible somehow to modify the LDO2OUT voltage from the linux configuration or terminal?
Should I create a modified System Controller FW for changing the voltage?


On the i.MX 8 (and 8X for that matter) family SoCs this is all handled fully transparently. Please note however, that due to a PMIC errata we disabled 1.8 Volt signalling SD card support entirely.

Normally we should be able to control the voltage by toggling the first PMIC VSELECT pin.
Do we know which GPIO/Apalis pin is connected to VSELECT pin for SD1?

Thanks for your reply!

You are very welcome.