Configure ethernet ports

i’m using torizon core, how can I configure the ethernet port IP ?

Hi @tcapoli,

Please check our guidelines about Network Configuration for TorizonCore here:

Please let me know if you’ll be able to configure your Ethernet connection.

Best regards,
André Curvello

I am able to see the 1st ethernet port but the 2nd ethernet port does not show up. i’m using ETH2_RMII along w/ KSZ8041NLI-TR - what do i need to do to allow me to see the 2nd ethernet port? i’m using the torizon docker image

i have no experience in configuring BSP or anything like that, if you can please point me to a very basic document that has step-by-step instructions on how to get this working i would really appreciate it

Hi @tcapoli,

That was a surprise.

Please, describe as much as possible your scenario and expected use-cases.
I wasn’t aware that you are using a 2nd Ethernet.


  • Which Toradex Module are you using?
  • Which TorizonCore image are you using?
  • Are you using a custom-made carrier board, or a Toradex-modified one (as you are using ETH2)?
  • Do you plan on using 2 Ethernet Ports at the same time?

Best regards,
André Curvello


i’m using imx7d 1GB
description: ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)
product: Toradex Colibri iMX7D 1GB (eMMC) on Colibri Evaluation Board V3
serial: 06674366

Linux colibri-imx7-06674366 5.4.43-4.0.0-devel+git.ed141ad4be96 #1-TorizonCore SMP Wed Jul 1 16:02:31 UTC 2020 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

i’m using my own carrier board i designed and build - it’s running now this torizon core

yes i need both ethernet ports to be used at same time


So I suggest you move from TorizonCore 4 to TorizonCore 5.
TorizonCore 4 will not be a production release and will be discontinued.

You can get one by loading the Toradex Easy Installer in your iMX7D 1GB, then going to the “Feeds” menu at the top, enabling the “Continuous Integration Server” from Toradex. Then, please install one of the latest nightlies from TorizonCore 5 (it will appear as TorizonCore 5.1.0, our current version).

Then, you’ll have to configure a Device-Tree Overlay to enable this second network interface.

Here is an article from us about Device Tree Overlays on TorizonCore.

About necessary changes, please have a look at this community question - Setting up second ethernet as RGMII Gigabit on Colibri i.MX7 eMMC 1GB, it will show you a “glance” of the necessary changes at Device Tree level.

Please, be aware of this feedback about using a 2nd Ethernet Interface on Colibri iMX7D.

Best regards,
André Curvello