Configuration of thermal throttling for Apalis TK1

The Apalis TK1 datasheet (p. 67) states that thermal throttling (DVFS) is supported for the CPU, GPU and the core voltage. I found out where to configure the thermal zones. However I do not know how they are linked to the cooling devices and how to configure the cooling devices appropriately. Where do I find information about how to configure the different throttlings?

    available_policies (pid_thermal_gov step_wise)
    policy (e.g. pid_thermal_gov)
    trip_point_0_temp (e.g. 105000)
    trip_point_0_type (e.g. critical)
    type (e.g. cpu_edp)

Support of CPU throttling has been added in and is gooing to be included in the Apalis TK1 Linux Image 2017 Q1 release.