Compile Padarn (or OpenNETCF) for WinCE 2013

I would like to try the Padarn ASP.NET web server or OpenNETCF but I can’t compile the project.
The binaries don’t help me because they are compiled for WinCE 5/6/7 and Wince 2013 is not binary compatible.

Short story: Could anyone compile this project / library for WinCE 2013?

Long story:

Download latest version and open it in VS 2013 with Toradex SDK installed. Following error message appears:

Platform ‘Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC
SDK (ARMV4I)’ is missing from the
project. All the configurations and
their file configuration settings
specific to this platform will be
ignored. If you want this platform
converted, please make sure you have
the corresponding platform installed
Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK (ARMV4I)’.

Continue to convert this project
without this platform?

Agreed to convert the project.

Now all projects are displayed with “(incompatible)” and aren’t loaded. Tool tip show:

This project is incompatible with the
current version of Visual Studio

Originaly this project was written for .NET CF version 2.0, Toradex uses 3.9. Upgrading the platform doesn’t appear under project because the project isn’t loaded. Next I tried to manually editet the .csproj and changed “TargetFrameworkVersion” from 2.0 to 3.9. But still it won’t load. If I compare the project files they are really different because they used an older VS version. So I’m stuck at the moment.
Another idea is to create projects in VS2013 and copy all files into it. But there are over 20 projects :frowning:

I am afraid that re-creating the projects in VS2013/2015 and copying the files inside them is the only viable solution for this issue.
You may also try to open the projects that VS already tried to convert and replace the SDK name used by default with the name of the Toradex SDK on your machine (you may have to create a blank new project to find the right name).

ok. thank you.